O'Neill Destination

The world of Facebook is sometimes an ingenious thing and sometimes it's not. This time, it IS one of those ingenious things. O'Neill have created a new competition that involves you, your mobile number and the possibility of winning a holiday, aptly called O'Neill Destination. It's all a bit vague right now but keep reading and all will be explained.

All you have to do is head to their facebook page - facebook.com/oneill_destination - and add in the relevant data that they require. Like a bastard child of Google Maps it then searches the globe, using your phone number as co-ordinates. This is the important part. If you land in a snow resort then you'll instantly win a trip to that resort! Sounds pretty good huh? If you don't land in a resort but land in the middle of the Pacific ocean, you don't win a trip there, you sit at your desk sad that you'll not be holidaying for free. You'll be put into a prize draw to go for free but you'll be closer than the majority of other people!

If you land in one of the 19 O'Neill destinations then you'll win some O'Neill gear.

Give it a bash.