Tanner Hall Smoking Pot Weed Marijuana Skiing

It's not often you get the words "smoking weed" and "getting healthy" in the same sentence. But Tanner Hall - legendary freeskier and regular joint smoker - claims it is the key to his success.

"Marijuana was a platform for skiing [in the 60s and 70s]," says Hall. "Smoking weed has helped me so much."

Hall started smoking pot aged 9 or 10. When he started training for the halfpipe World Championships in Finland, he stopped smoking weed altogether.

Tanner Hall Smoking Pot Marijuana High Times Skiing

However, just before the contest, he fell while hitting the infamous Chad's Gap and broke both ankles and both heels. Just watch the video below to see the footage - it's painful to watch.

After another injury, Hall got addicted to prescription opioids and says smoking pot is what got him back on the straight and narrow, so to speak.

He's a big supporter of smoking weed, as he told The High Times in the video interview below.