ski jump

If you’ve never heard of the Real Skifi crew before, you’ve been missing out on a whole lot of fun for the past few years.

The crew are basically a bunch of batshit crazy Finnish dudes who are awesome at skiing, and they’ve built quite a reputation for their creativity because of it.

Slacklines and skiing have never met like this before... Photo: Vimeo/Screenshot

Take this latest edit for example; you’ve got guys hitting rails through skipping ropes, double backflips leading up to 450s, and some absolute chaos going on with exercise balls and slacklines as well.

This isn’t one of those ski edits where you press play and appreciate the beauty of the backdrop, then lose interest halfway through. This is one of those ski edits where you stare open-mouthed at your monitor the entire time you’re watching, wondering what the hell is going on and loving every minute of it.

Have a watch and check out the madness for yourself... We challenge you to not be amazed:

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