Any skier will be able to relate to the elation that the start of a new season brings. The excitement, the possibilities, the promise of untold freshies and endless bluebird days... If you could bottle it, you'd be rich enough to have a week in Aspen.

But imagine having all of that taken away from you in one fell swoop. What's exactly what happened to Swedish pro freeskier Jacob Wester. He was out on the steeps of Mt. Blanc, dropping some properly fun looking lines with his pals when, all of a sudden, disaster struck.

He skied over a sharp rock that was almost completely obscured by snow, often called a shark,  that sent him crashing to the ground. In doing so, Wester fractured his Lateral Malleolus of Fibula and Medial Epicondyle of Femur - which we're pretty sure are bones.

Seemingly remaining upbeat, despite the season ending injury, Jacob said that it is the "first real injury of my twelve year professional skiing career, so I've had a good run".

Hopefully, Wester will make a swift and complete recovery, and be back out there dropping massive lines again soon.

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