bradley wiggins the jump

bradley wiggins the jump

Sir Bradley Wiggins has become the latest celebrity to pull out of Channel 4’s ski-jumping extravaganza ‘The Jump’ after breaking his leg while training for the show.

The show has been plagued by injuries ever since launching and has attracted some serious scepticism from critics as a result. Last year Olympic gymnast Beth Tweedle required neck surgery after a crash and Holby City actress Tina Hobley is said to still be recovering from injuries from the show.

Everyone’s favourite knight of the realm and Britain’s most decorated Olympian / road cyclist is the latest to crash out of the show – though he was keen to emphasise that he was “gutted" to be leaving and that it was only a “small leg fracture" rather than a “horror smash". Still, a broken leg is a broken leg.

Brad said: “Gutted to be leaving The Jump. I wanted to give you an injury update.

“Seen a specialist, I have a small leg fracture and need to rest for 3-6 weeks. Good news no surgery or cast required.

“Huge thanks to the crew and good luck to all of the cast. Due to the way the show is filmed, I’ll still be on until show four, so tune in.

We imagine there would be even more injuries if they tried to do it like Sammy Carlson... Screen Shot: Teton Gravity Research.

Sammy Carlson Ski Jump

“No horror smash, small training injury which means I can’t compete. No terrible break, no cast, just need to rest it."

No doubt fans of The Jump will be gutted to see the cyclist bow out as well. His distinctive charm always makes for good viewing and his competitive nature had already seen him make a fair few comical social media posts regarding his racing.

ski jump bradley wiggins

ski jump bradley wiggins

A Channel 4 spokesman said: “Bradley injured his leg during training and although keen to continue in the competition he will no longer take part following the fourth show in the series."

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