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It's finally December, then. You're parents are bugging you about what you want for Christmas, but short of an all expenses paid trip to the mountains and a season-long spot in a chalet-side jacuzzi, you're really not too sure.

Well we've got you covered. Whether it's something big you're after or just some novelty items to fill up your stocking, we're certainly not short on ideas.

Here are a few things that should make this Christmas special for every snow-loving skier...

PLanks jacket

Want to look sick on the mountain this winter? Of course you do, why the hell else did you start skiing.

This 2L Good Times Jacket from Planks should bring you just that - plenty of good times. This thing could probably make you look cool if you bombed off a rail and landed face first with your skis flying sideways, so get it on your christmas list now!



Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 17.30.20

Melon Goggles look awesome and they do the job really well for an affordable price.

What we particularly love about the site right now though is the custom, design-your-own goggles thing they've got going on.

Pick a range, a frame, a lens and a strap of your choice and no matter what you go for, it won't be more than £65!


Syndicate piste tee

This is the perfect t-shirt for anyone from the budding ski bum to the rider already well trained in avoiding real-life in the mountains.

If you're wearing this when you get on the gluhweins at apres ski, you won't be spending the rest of the night alone. Or maybe you will, but at least you'll be wearing a cool t-shirt while you do it.

The tee features the 'Syndicate Mountain Resort', and it's on sale right now as well!



Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 17.32.34

This is up there with the most petty and ridiculous inventions we've ever seen, and yet we'll be sorely disappointed if it's not in our stocking on Christmas day.

The thinking is so basic yet so unbelievably wonderful. The only bad thing about drinking a beer in resort is that your hands get stupidly cold, but thanks to the Hanski mitten, that problem has been well and truly solved.

Everyone will (probably not) be wearing these things in a couple of years time. Be the first to start the trend!



If you're a guy and you're heading out to the snow this winter, you're probably going to spend a surprising amount of time wearing only your boxer shorts in public places.

Whether it be dancing on tabletops, on ferries over the channel, in your own hotel room or on the chairlift, this is just something that often cannot be avoided.

So, with that in mind, you might as well look good while you're looking like an idiot. We recommend getting yourself some 'Cool de Sacs' from Bawbags to solve that problem.


Picture Bag

The majority of the time you go riding, you end up having to take a backpack along for one reason or another.

Bring lunch, bring first aid gear, bring two litres of vodka and a shockingly low amount of mixer for sneaking into apres bars - and then thanks yourself later for bringing the first aid gear.

And now look cool while you're doing it all with this awesome backpack from Picture.


Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 17.31.43

Just take a break from your busy life for a minute and look at how beautiful these skis are. They're a good looking set of planks.

Faction says the 14/15 range of the Candide 1.0 has been "redeveloped to be indestructible", so it's safe to say these can probably handle whatever you've got in mind.

Unless what you've got in mind is cutting skis in half with a chainsaw of course. But that'd be weird.


Days of my Youth

You know when you're on that elongated bus or flight to resort and your mates won't stop playing Art of Flight on repeat? Well now you can put an end to that!

Days of my Youth is definitely one of the ski films of the year. There's plenty of giant cliff drops in there, ridiculous straight-lines down crazy mountain lines and all the great comedy value you'd expect from an MSP Films production as well.

Cody Townsend is the main man in the film, popping up in nearly every segment. He'll get you inspired by the time you hit the mountains!

Also, this bundle has the DVD, the Blue Ray and a free download of the film... So technically it's three presents. You could also get it on iTunes for under a tenner though!



A lot of people often get confused about which GoPro they should buy. The most expensive one is the best one for me, right? Well, probably not.

The GoPro HERO 4 Black is awesome, but you'll only get full use of it if you're planning on shooting big picture films in 4K.

The silver is really awesome and a little cheaper - whilst still boasting the bonus of a viewing screen - but if you're just hitting the snow for a couple weeks a year or so, the HERO is a fantastic cheap buy.

It's built into the case, still shoots in 720 HD and does everything you need it to for a pretty low price tag!



A great value ski boot from Full Tilt for those who want something well suited to all sorts of riding.

Stiff enough for riding hard on piste, soft enough to give you what you need if you're hitting the park.

Get these on your list and thank us later!