The ski season is coming to a close now, and as unfortunate as that is, it does give us one thing to look forward to – a whole host of ridiculous end-of-season edits dropping in the next few weeks.

Take the Sam Schwartz feature above for example. From ballistic backflips to crazy straightlines, powdery pillows, road gaps and backcountry shredding that will leave you in awe; this entire edit is complete and utter madness.

Seriously, some of the cliff drops in this are practically video game material. If we took those on, we wouldn’t be sailing away on two feet. We’d probably be hallucinating small yellow birds and wondering where the creepy malnourished dude came from with the black robes and the scythe.

Judging by the choice of tune on the edit of course, Sam’s iPod probably hasn’t been updated since 2009. When the skiing is this good though, it doesn’t matter what it sounds like.

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