Screenshot: YouTube (Jerry of the Day).

Ski Crash

For every big ski crash captured on film, there's often another one that comes along and makes it look insignificant by comparison. This one right here. This one in the video, the video you can watch below, is a big one. A really big one. It's such a big crash in fact that we momentarily considered writing this entire article in size 148 font. Yeah, that's how big we're talking people. Size 148 font.

Shot in Keystone, Colorado, the video (uploaded to the notorious 'Jerry of the Day' YouTube channel) shows a park skier cartwheeling through the air after his attempt to clear some metal boxes goes badly wrong. The double plank ejection upon initial box impact only adds to the jaw-dropping spectacle of it all. And yes. We laughed. We laughed out loud. Because slapstick is childish, and we're childish.

Before you accuse us of poking fun at the dead, don't worry. The skier involved survived the incident. He did suffer eight broken ribs, a slightly punctured lung, and a serving of wounded pride but come on...he lived to tell the tale. It's OK to laugh when someone lives to tell the tale, right? Right?!

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