1) is this skier claiming to be the greatest of all time?

Photo: Best Idea Tattoo.com

2) either they're massive skis or tiny mountains

Photo: Brandy Anthony

3) chairlift in a rhombus i know, i know, it's serious

Photo: Next Luxury

4) this love letter to japan is dope

Inked Magazine

5) more JPN love

Photo: Instagram

6) An unlikely combination of skiing and the Nationwide celebration of mortality in mexico

Photo: Emanuela Minoletti

7) we had a snow-globe with the matterhorn in the office for a while. It broke when somebody threw a router at it when the internet went down for an hour. Not particularly funny, but true nonetheless.

Photo: Buzzfeed

8) no guts. no glory. no friends on the chairlift

Photo: guff

16 Times Academy Award Winner Leonardo DiCaprio Perfectly Summed Up Your Ski Trip Experience

9) the dude of the pringles tube loves a ski. Hipster A-F

Photo: Michael Hansen

10) just take a moment to enjoy the expression on the skiers face

Photo: tattoosideen

11) people love a mountain

Photo: krunal tattoist

12) fewer like a clip-art snowflake

Photo: fyeahtattoos.com

13) mountains peaking out from being two burnt matches

Photo: Flikr

14) Linda regretted showing off her new tattoo when hypothermia set in

Photo: Instagram


10 Cheapest Ski Resorts In The World

15) Ride for life. Get a massive pair of goggles tattooed on your shoulder until you can afford laser treatment. Seriously, who Loves goggles that much?

Photo: Flikr

16) "how many tattoos do you have?" "I've got bear tattoos, fam."

Photo: Acceptable tattoos

17) ah, the good old floating mountain tat

Photo: Instagram

18) gun show

Photo: Bloglovin

19) no tattoo list would be complete without some questionable tribal ink

Photo: tattoosideen

Skiing Words Defined: A Beginner’s Guide To The Words, Phrases, Terms, And Slang Used In The World Of Skiing

20) more mountains

Photo:  Sammy Haplin

21) comemmorating the long, boring bit between actually skiing

Photo: guff

23 Things That Skiers Really Hate About Skiing

22) Always the goggles. Has anybody got gloves, or ski poles tattooed on them?

Photo: Instagram

23) is this a skier in a balaclava, or a slightly disappointed ninja?

Photo: The Classy Issue

24) "that's no moon! it's a nipple" - Obi Wan Kenobi, a long time ago, a galazy far, far away

Photo: 1337 tattoos

25) you know when you feel like you haven't seen quite enough tattoos of skiable mountains?

Photo: buzzfeed

26) err, is there an option to sit in the chalet. our legs are hurting

Photo: Flikr

27) Save the best for last?... nah

Photo: tattoosideen

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