Angel Collison falls hard while skiing in Alaska - Photo: YouTube / TGR

We're not entirely sure what material pro skier Angel Collison is made from, but when we find out, we'll be sure to let you know.

The Utah born skier was out in Alaska last spring, hitting up a couloir in the epic backcountry when all of a sudden, something goes wrong, the skis fly from beneath her, and she falls to her back.

From there, Collison viciously ragdolls down the steep slope for a full 30 seconds. Just stop for a moment, and count 30 seconds. Imagine hurtling down an icy, hard slope for that length of time.

Incredibly, after the beating handed out by both gravity and the mountain, 26 year old Collison brushed herself down, and got onto the radio to the safety team telling them "I'm fine. I can go back up and get my shit, too" referring to her skis that had long since proven much less resilient that the woman herself.

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