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Skiing is a lot of fun. Of course it is, that's why so many people get hooked on it. But skiing can also be dangerous (well, duh, obviously). It's an activity that can throw up unexpected hazards out of nowhere, and surprise even the most experienced of skiers.

Devin Stratton knows a thing or two about how frightening the hazards of skiing can be. Stratton was out skiing the Wasatch Range, in the Utah backcountry, when he accidentally skied off an unmarked 150-foot cliff. Incredibly, Stratton was completely unharmed in the incident, and skied away without a scratch.

The footage, which he uploaded to Instagram, has gone viral across the internet and it's easy to see why. Watching Stratton's terrifying fall is real heart-in-the-mouth-stuff. A combination of the deep snow and protective headgear, worn by Stratton, appear to be the main reasons he was able to survive.

Be careful out there, folks.

Turns out I am afraid of heights... Miraculously I didn't even have a bruise! I did break a lot of gear including my helmet. Thanks to Matt for helping me dig for nearly 5 hours I found my lost ski and skied down. #jerryoftheday

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