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When Sheffield Ski Village burned down in 2012 (or was burned down - there's still a suspicion that the fire was lit deliberately) the entire British ski and snowboard scene was gutted.

Not only had the bustling community that had grown up around the slope lost it's raison d'etre, the UK's skiers and snowboarders had also been robbed of a significant slice of history.

The UK's skiers and snowboarders were robbed of a significant slice of history...

In the 90s and early 2000s the slope was right at the centre of the British scene. Visiting luminaries including Terje Haakonsen, the Norwegian known to many snowboarders simply as 'God' rode Sheffield over anywhere else when they came to the UK and several of the country's top talents learned to ride here.


Olympic snowboarder Dom Harington (pictured above) cut his teeth here on the country's only dryslope halfpipe. Skiers Katie Summerhayes and James Woods, two of Britain's brightest talents heading to Pyeongchang 2018, also learned here as groms.

Thankfully there are those who don't want that history to die. Recently two skiers and a snowboarder snuck into the abandoned slope to make this epic edit.

Filmer Edward Birch, who claims that his aim is to raise awareness of the "Snowsports for Sheffield" campaign to re-build the slope, was joined by riders Byron Haywood-Alexander Marcus Haywood-Alexander and Andy Dod, and between them they created one of the most original - and most ghetto - ski and snowboard videos we've ever seen.

It looks like skiing might do after the zombie apocalypse...

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