Pizza... French fries... Photo:  Kirk V

Not so long ago, we uncovered the rare footage (and by "rare footage" we mean "the stupid video we made") of Conservative politicians George Osborne and Theresa May conducting a beginner ski lesson.

If you missed it,treat yourself. Go on, you're worth it.

But, not to be outdone by the political classes, Drake, the greatest Canadian rapper since Snow has jumped don the celebrity ski lesson band waggon.

The internet may well suggest that he's worth a reported $76million, but it appears that the man who happily answers to the name Drizzy is turning his back on making radio-friendly unit shifters, and has embarked on a career of shouting 'PIZZA... FRENCH FRIES' at the terrified children of rich people who want to put their kids through the most celebrity-packed ski school ever.

What a guy. What. A. Guy.

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