The 2015 Rugby World Cup is now well under way. Whether you’ve been enjoying it or ignoring it, one thing is for sure, the Kiwis are going absolutely mad for the thing.

The All Blacks are favourites to win the competition pretty much every time it happens for very good reason – the haka is terrifying, the whole squad is terrifying, and the entire population of New Zealand is in love rugby.

That’s why support has been flooding in for the sport from even the most unlikely of places in the land of the Lord of the Rings. Take this awesome example from the world of skiing – because what’s better than watching a rugby ball fly in between the goal posts? Watching a rugby ball clip in and then backflip over the posts of course!

This is a feature that dropped as part of the ‘Meanwhile in... New Zealand’ series from Air New Zealand last summer. We reckon it’s more appropriate than ever right now though, so have a watch, and don’t withhold the laughter:

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