Jenny Jones Gold

Jenny Jones Gold

The UK has seen a whopping 12 per cent increase in snowsports participation, since the Winter Olympics in Sochi earlier this year.

Research taken by Snow Sports England, the national governing body for all things slidey, shows that more and more people are taking to the nations dry slopes and domes since this year's Winter Olympics. It's (naturally) being called the 'Sochi Effect'

The huge increase in participation in the first quarter of 2014 shows really encouraging year-on-year growth.

What is even more pleasing to see is that the growth appear to be sustained, with an 11 percent increase on the 2013 figures in the second quarter of the year.

"snowboarding and skiing has grown by 12% on last year"

What do all of these facts and figures mean? There are more people hitting the slopes.

Of course, somebody will pipe up and say "Oh no! New people on the slopes getting in my way". However, you have to consider that the increased numbers helps both the skiing and snowboarding markets grow.

The knock on effect from this is having more money in the industry, leading to an increase in innovation, technology and, eventually, greater infrastructure.

In short: more people doing it = better equipped places to do it. Hell, we may even see more places to do it (come on Boris, get this London snow dome built).

Most satisfyingly, the numbers show that the performances by Team GB snow sports athletes like medalist Jenny Jones, Jamie Nichols, Aimee fuller, James Woods, Ben Kilner et al had a huge positive effect on the nation. That can't be a bad thing at all.

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