Tanner Hall and Rockstar Energy launched the first episode of their new series ‘Tanner Hall’n’ yesterday, and it’s every bit as awesome as you’d probably think.

This isn’t one of those opening episodes where they spent five minutes talking about how stoked they are to be stoked and then show one line of skiing. Tanner is pretty much popping pillows from the start to end, and it’s absolutely glorious.

Before you watch this video, you should prepare for intense feelings of jealousy...

We should note that before you watch this video, you should prepare for jealousy. Talent-related jealousy, powder-related jealousy, location-related jealousy, and a bunch of other types of jealousy too.

Fear not though, for that jealousy will soon be overcome by the sheer awesomeness of the powdery pillows of the Canadian backcountry. Or maybe not actually. Either way, the edit is sick.

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