Drunk Skiing

Show us a person who thinks that your skiing technique isn't improved by large quantities of alcohol, and we'll show you a liar. Alcohol is the key secret ingredient that separates the Øystein Bråtens from the Oyster Barnacles, the James "Woodsy" Woods from the planks of wood. Are we drunk? Drunk on alcohol? Yes, yes we are, but don't let that distract you from the very seriouddggbs poindfqt we'rVFe tryinfng tu makke.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are the videos that prove, once and for all, how drinking excessive amounts of booze can greatly improve your ability to be really good at skiing. Now, watch and learn. Oh and if you need us urgently, we'll be in the stationery cupboard (alone) drinking 24 cans of Stella. Cheers!

1) Dude...Are You Drunk?

2) Seriously...Dude...Are You Drunk?!

3) You Must Be Drunk!

4) You're Pissed As A Fart!

5) You're Fissed As A Part!

6) Let's Go Down A Rabbit Hill!

7) bbanbeFFGHNRRRdbfndBDbeb

8) What's Sober?

9) Drunk As F*ck

10) My Head Hurts

11) Beer Makes Me Sleepy

12) OK...I Might Have Overdone It

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