If you found the logistics of watching this year's solar eclipse tough spare a thought for the Salomon Freeski TV team. They shunned the easy option of watching the celestial action on Eclipse Road in London, instead opting to head to Svalbard in the Arctic Circle on the off chance the weather was clear rather than cloaked in blizzard.

As if that wasn't hard enough they would also aim to get the perfect ski shot, that of a skier riding fresh snow with a total eclipse glowing in the background. They would have just two and a half minutes to get the photo. Not a day to leave your lens cap on.

Pro skiers Cody Townsend, Brody Leven and Chris Ruben took on the trip, and Reuben Krabbe was the photographer.

In the film Krabbe says: "If I get to live a full life there'll still only be three chances in my lifetime to try and chase a photograph like this and who's to say I get those chances and that it's not cloudy there."

Credit: Salomon/YouTube

See how Krabbe and the team get on in the edit:

To read more about this extraordinary adventure, head on over to Salomon's Freeski TV site

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