There's a lesson we can all take away from this new edit from Line Skis. The Traveling Circus crew went on a road trip in search of some freestyle action, but they were blighted by car trouble, a lack of snow, and at least one very dodgy moustache.

However, instead of sitting about moping, and bemoaning their luck, they got creative. The result is one of the most entertaining ski edits we've seen for some time.

They start off on what looks like little more than a back-yard set up, somewhere in the hills of Salt Lake City. A few old crates, cable drums, and bits of wood are enoug for the guys to create a sick little Heath Robinson style jib park.

"Riding an upturned butter box down the slope"

The next day, they abandon the dodgy van and head to Wisconsin in the search for something skiable. Via roadkill, roller-coasters, and Ramen, they finally get what they're looking for; the mountain.

What ensues is some amazingly creative skiing. Riding an upturned butter box down the slope is almost certainly enough to annoy ski patrol, but it makes for an incredible ski edit.

Trav Circus edit

Trav Circus edit

In fact, when the guys do drop a few regular looking grinds down rails - the kind that would normally have us whooping with stoke - it feels a little disappointing. Fear not, the lunacy soon begins again.That final grind is ... we don't even know.

So, next time you're stuck for transport, or the weather simply isn't being good to you, don't complain. Get creative! Then, as always, make sure you create a banger edit and send it to us.

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