Street Skiing For Lack Of Better

Street Skiing For Lack Of Better

When it comes to multi-storey car parks, the options for fun are limitless. And by "limitless", we actually mean "pretty limited." Sure, you can park your car and that's...well...that's a thing. And, well, you can pay for that parking...which know...another thing. And that's before we even get onto the subject of playing chicken with the barriers and all the fun filled rides you can take in the piss soaked elevators.

Cam Riley, however, has probably found the most fun/dangerous use of a multi-storey car park we've ever seen. What's he been doing exactly?Well, if you must know, he's been skiing off the top of them. Skiing off the top of them?! Yes. Skiing off the top of them. Skiing off the top of multi-storey car parks that are five storeys high, if you want to get specific.

Screen Shot: Teton Gravity Research (YouTube).

You're probably wondering what all this madness is about and also, quite understandably, why Cam Riley feels the need to ski off multi-storey car parks in the first place. It's all to do with the awesome new street skiing film 'For Lack Of Better'. Brought to you by the ice-cool folks over at Teton Gravity Research, the gnarly documentary takes a behind the scenes look at the most urban form of skiing imaginable.

It's the work of filmmaker and street skier Clayton Vila and is available now on iTunes, Vimeo on Demand, and a whole other bunch of places. It's well worth a watch. Check it out, fo' sho'.

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