Screen Shot: YouTube (via National Geographic).

Science Of Stupid Richard Hammond Skiing Tricks

Hold onto your V8 Blugati Lamborraris Top Gear fans, Richard Hammond (aka The Hamster) is back on National Geographic with a brand new series of a show called Science Of Stupid. The show first aired last year, and was deemed popular enough for a second season.

From the looks of it, there's not much sign of perm-topped Jeremy Clarkson spouting things like "Bugger me backwards! This car is hotter than a (insert spicy national dish) resting on the backside of (insert attractive female actress)." Instead, Hammond takes us through the interesting science behind nailing 360s on skis.

If you're already a master of 360s, and don't need a man who used to present a popular motoring show on the BBC telling you how to do them, just sit back and enjoy some hilarious slams. As a human race, will we ever tire of such slapstick? Don't count on it.

Anyway, we're off to the indoor slope to work on our horizontal and vertical axes. With so much informative science floating around inside our noggins, what could possibly go wrong? *immediately attempts a 360 on the office stairs, and ends up in A & E*

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