There are plenty of ways to get your skiing fix during summer, but one more original approach is to deny that you actually need snow to clip in at all.

That's what North Face rider Simone Filippini decided was the best thing to do though, heading to a standard local forest and taking his skis for a ride.

ski forest

ski forest

The video makes for a good laugh, and while the effort involved does seem like a lot for what you actually get back, there are a few times when Simone does get a bit of momentum.

The inspiration for the edit came after the rider decided to prove that if you could ski anywhere, you could ski in any kind of conditions on the mountain, and to be fair, he does have a point.

Have a look at the video above and it could well get you stoked to take your skis up the local forest. Or, you know, to a dryslope or a snowdome. But who are we to judge.

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