Virtual Reality Skiing Game Ski Rodeo

Virtual reality is pretty amazing nowadays. Thanks to super high visuals, virtual reality now looks far better than the pixilated pioneers of yesteryear. It's actually pretty damn convincing.

Ski Rodeo is a new virtual reality skiing game from HTC Vive. Amazingly, it tracks your breathing - so you can see your own breath when you breathe out. Foot motors and pistons simulate the rough terrain while you ski.

Virtual Reality Skiing Game Ski Rodeo 2

If you don't stay skiing on snow, you'll end up careering off a cliff or plummeting down a ravine or hitting a boulder face-first.

Yuki Nakae gave it a go - and the results are hilarious. She's totally losing it in under a minute. Skip to 1.10 when she really freaks herself out!

How much does this video make you want to give the game a go? Watch the video below.

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