Drones are fast becoming old news in action sports, but they're just beginning to appear on our slopes - in a whole new way.

Introducing the "dronie". Yep, you heard us right. Drones are now being used to take "selfies" on the slopes of ski resorts - nicknamed the "dronie".

Tourism New Zealand just released this pretty cheesy advert for their new #NZdronie campaign. They're sending a crew of drone pilots with two DJII Phantom Vision2 drones around the Kiwi ski resorts to film tourists on the mountain.

"It already costs €50 for a ten minute session with a drone pilot in Val Thorens, France"

The drone will zoom in for a close-up view before panning out to around 80m. Four minutes later, you'll have the edited footage on your phone.

Just another money-making ploy? Well, yes and no. Tourism New Zealand are sending the footage to mountain users for free right now, so they can upload their videos onto social media. However it's definitely got some huge viral marketing potential.

Over in Val Thorens, France, they're already cashing in on the dronie trend by charging €50 for a ten minute session with a drone pilot, according to The Telegraph.

We think drones are a sick way for the ordinary rider to capture awesome footage, but there's a possibility it will become another irritating accessory cluttering up the mountain.

So, what do you think? Will you be scratching your eyeballs out when your Facebook newsfeed is littered with "dronies"? Or is it pretty rad?

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