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la folie douce

It's that time of year again. The freshers have arrived, the hangovers are pounding and the students are set for another year of regret.

If there's one thing you don't want to lament come the end of your studies though, it's missing out on the university snow sports trip.

Here are just 13 reasons why you should do you everything you can to get involved in the mayhem...

1) The Snow Is Insane

Powder Spray

Sometimes snow is not the main reason people go on their student snow sports trip, but it's a damn good one.

You get to forget your overdue essays to shred some sick lines and ride ridiculous powder. It's one of the best feelings in the world, and if you're a beginner, it's the perfect way to learn.

2) The Party Starts Long Before You Reach Resort

shot ski

"Why are we not flying to the Alps," says the shocked fresher, staring in the face of a 26 hour coach journey. The answer? The bus is much more fun, and money may play a small part in there too...

Even before you get to the coach, the pre-trip party will ensure that those who said "I don't want to be hungover tomorrow," are looking a little worse for wear as they turn up to travel.

Expect banging music, a poorly put together quiz ANd Art of Flight playing on loop For Several hours...

When you do board the bus, expect banging music, a poorly put together quiz, Art of Flight playing on loop on the built in TV and plenty of half-hidden alcoholic to surface throughout.

This will subsequently lead to various unanswered calls for toilet breaks and one guy in particular - usually a member of the committee - ending up much more hammered than everyone else.

3) Packing Is Surprisingly Entertaining

Packing the essesntials

So, what do you take on a student snow sports trip? All the usuals for any ski holiday, right? Wrong.

When you're getting ready for the adventure, at least 70 percent of your suitcase should be full of fancy dress gear.

Most student trips have plenty of themes announced in advance, so get involved and don't be the one person 'too cool' for the theme. They end up looking like a dick.

4) The Pre-Resort Supermarket Stop Is Glorious


You've crossed the channel, had a short sleep and been disappointed by a mediocre croissant. Now it's time to stop at the supermarket and load up before your final ascent...

This pit-stop will tell you everything you need to know about the people you're travelling with. There are the 'just there to ski' folk buying up food, the bulk of the travellers going for a mix of beer, wine and pasta, and the one group wheeling around a trolly overloaded with godforsaken 80 cent wine.

These are the people who will not be on the first lift, but will need lifted home first when the après gets going.

5) The Clichéd 'Meet New People' Point is True

Snowboard- Aimee Fuller (Source @aimee_fuller instagram) (1)

Clichés are clichés for a reason, and the reason this point comes up time and time again is because it's true.

No matter what year you're in, you'll meet loads of new mates on the trip. You don't know someone properly until you've got drunk in the snow and rode together the next day!

6) Après Après Après Après Après Après Après

You can go to all the après themed nights out you want, but hot wine and a fake goggle tan will never come close to the real thing.

From glühwein and bagged wine to beers kept cold by a stay on the balcony, après in the Alps makes life worth while.

La Folie Douce is the sax-trance utopia banging tunes on the mountain and there's always a good, if not slightly (incredibly) heavy night to be had when you're session is done.

7) Shredding Slopes Is The Perfect Hangover Cure

Grande Motte Glacier Tignes

On every uni trip you go on there will some folk who are 'too hungover' to hit the slopes the next day. Make sure you are not in this category.

Not only do these rascals miss out on a day of shredding, they also miss out on the best hangover cure out there - the mountains!

Challenges can range from squatting the rep to riding naked or hitting as many runs as you can in one day...

The air is about as fresh as it gets, the slopes will take your mind off the headache and the chairlift is the perfect place to try and figure out what happened last night.

It's often said that on a snow sports trip, you can only commit to two options from sleep, snow and party. We highly recommend avoiding the former.

8) It's A Week Full Of Hilarious Challenges

Tignes Grande Motte Glacier

Quite a few universities tend to set challenges for holiday-goers while they're away. These can range from squatting the rep to riding lines naked, competing in valley rallies or hitting as many runs as you can in one day.

Of course, there's also more personal challenges to complete. Managing to get the first lift in the morning, racing your mates and inevitably crashing, and seeing whose got the best moves on the table of Folie Douce.

9) The Mountain Meal Is Normally Momentous 


Normally offered as an optional extra on university snow holidays, the mountain meal is almost always worth the additional money.

As you may have guessed, the reason behind this is not that the gourmet food is absolutely stunning, but that for one reason or another, the night is normally one of the most hilarious of the trip... Trust us on this one.

10) French Food Is Absolutely Awesome


Baguettes, meat and cheese will prove life-savers during the day time, so making them in the morning and bringing them with you is genuinely a great idea.

It's definitely recommended to stop off at a cafe or two along the way though for a crêpes or a burger. If you're heading out to the three valleys, the Mountain Burger in Mottaret village will blow your mind.

11) You'll Have A New Found Respect For The Feeling Of Not Being Hungover

folie d

When you've skied the slopes and hammered après for however many nights in a row, you're going to be in desperate need of a good sleep.

A few weeks after you're back though, you'll have a moment of golden euphoria when you wake up and realise that you've finally recovered.

This normally comes after a string of nights out where you've tried, failed and eventually accepted that you cannot recreate the holiday magic in your local club.

12) It's A Cheap Way To Feed Your Powder Fix Properly


The majority of student trips offer you a way to get out to huge name resorts for under £400 - a fee including a ski pass, transport and accommodation.

Sure, it's a bit more for gear hire or carriage, and it always seems like there's another extra to add when booking, but at the end of the day it'll cost you a hell of a lot less than it could have otherwise!

13) It's The Gift That Doesn't Stop Giving

Snowboard- Eric Wilett (source @eric_willet instagram)

It's not a great feeling when you're heading back to civilisation on a stuffy coach after what was probably the best week of your life.

You can, however, take solace in the fact that from now on, your day to day life is going to notably improve. You've made a bunch of friends, everyone on the 'snocials' know each other better, and you're nights out will now consistently end in a holiday reunion.

Next thing you know, you'll be the person you used to think was talking bullshit about how the university ski trip is the best part of the year... So make sure you get involved!


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