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Just a casual BASE jump selfie... Photo: basedreams.com

It's one thing jumping off a cliff or out of an aeroplane. It's another throwing yourself off a skyscraper, surrounded by lots of other buildings, trees, cars, main roads. You name, it's probably not an ideal obstacle for BASE jumpers.

So it probably won't surprise you to hear that BASE jumping within cities is almost always illegal. That's not to say people don't do it.

A lot of guys jump super early in the morning or late at night, dodging the police while they do it. Others actually get permission - just check out the amazing video from Kuala Lumpur on slide 2!

We think these jumpers are truly amazing, you only need to watch these videos to see why!

[part title="Burj Khalifa, Dubai"]

In case you missed it, a new world record was broken last week for BASE jumping off the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen are no strangers to hurling themselves off big things. Fugen did his first parachute jump when he was 10-years-old and now has over 15,000 jumps under his belt. Reffet too has been base jumping for over 14 years.

Together, they've been progressing BASE and skydiving with extraordinary jumps like this one!

[part title="Kuala Lumpur Tower, Malaysia"]

Fred Fugen is back again with this insanely fun-but-also-terrifying jump from the Kuala Lumpar Tower back in 2012.

From performing handstands on the edge of the 420m high building to dive bombing off it like kids in a swimming pool, these guys just have absolutely no fear - and they make it look so easy, don't they?

[part title="Rio De Janiero, Brazil"]

Now this is one way to start a day, flying via. wingsuit into Rio at 5.45am!

OK, so wingsuit flying and BASE jumping aren't exactly the same sport, but one is ultimately rooted in the other. Plus we couldn't resist including such an awesome flight.

However, there is a moment when you wonder whether he really is going to make it through the gap in that skyscraper...

[part title="Benidorm, Spain"]

Some people go to Benidorm to party. These guys decided to shake things up a bit by hitching a ride on the outside of the hotel lift at the Gran Hotel Bali in Benidorm, Spain - and then BASE jumping from the top!

It's reassuring to hear that even BASE jumpers get scared sometimes - just listen out for the expletives at 1.06.

[part title="New York City, USA"]

Nothing could be more spectacular than jumping off the Freedom Tower in New York (on the site of the old World Trade Centres) at night.

OK, so this video is a bit long-winded. Skip to 2.40 for where the action starts to kick in. This dude needs to watch out for his landing - the middle of a main road with a parachute flapping around your ankles isn't exactly ideal.

[part title="Seattle, USA"]

Red Bull hooked these guys up to do a wingsuit jump over the Space Needle tower in Seattle, USA.

These guys aren't just falling through the air, they're shooting forward as well - getting twice as much freefall time!

[part title="Moscow, Russia"]

This is pretty relatively old footage now, but it doesn't make it any less hair-raising.

These Russian dudes decide to jump off the Ostankino television tower in Moscow. Y'know, because why not? I'd be wary of all those jutting out bits if I were them!