This video either shows what happens when a BASE Jump Cut Away goes horribly wrong, or what happens when the hardest man on the planet slams into the earth from over 600 feet.

Seriously, to have walked away from this without his knees taking up residence in his skull must make this fella as indestructible as Zeus, the Cheerleader from Heroes, or the actor Keanu Reeves.

If you've not heard of them before, Cut Aways are when somebody is already parachuting down to earth, then they cut away (geddit?) their parachute, and free-fall before deploying their emergency chute. It's pretty much the ultimate in removing the safety net.

As adrenaline-pumping as it may be to get rid of an essential safety feature, when things start to go wrong, like the did here, you're in trouble. When the jumpers parachute didn't cut away properly, he was stuck, spiralling to Earth under a largely collapsed canopy.

Happily, the guy in this footage, who calls himself My Slackline, walked away from bring unceremoniously slammed into the ground by gravity with just a bit of winding and significantly dented pride.

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