BASE Jumping Rusty Zip Line

BASE Jumping Rusty Zip Line

Newsflash! BASE jumping is quite dangerous. On a scale of 1 to danger, with danger being the equivalent of 10, BASE jumpers have basically taken a walk off the number grid and ended up swimming in an infinite sea of ones and zeros. So. Much. Danger.

Danger on its own is, for BASE jumpers at least, simply not enough. These people want to triple the danger, they want to rewrite the Oxford English Dictionary and spell the word 'dangerdangerdanger'. And even then, it probably wouldn't be enough for them. They'd be like, "oh it's just not dangerous enough...please stick 17 exclamation marks on the end of my newly created word."

Two outdoor and adventure cats who certainly have a real hunger for danger, are these BASE jumpers who recently caught some outrageous footage in the mountains of South Caucasus. The rusty zip line, the way they try and use their hands to slow down while flying along the zip line, the hanging upside down, and the general tomfoolery. It's the definition of dangerdangerdanger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Screen Shot: Vimeo (YTl-0G).

Zip Line Rusty BASE Jumpers

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