We've all got a mate, usually called Tim, who shamelessly claims "I can do that" when you're playing video games, irrespective of the unlikely pixelated events magic-ing out of your console.

Unlikely left-footed 40-yarder on FIFA? Tim claims he can do it. Switch-hardway 50-50 to 540 out on a rail on Skate 2? Tim says he's got it in the bag. Land a plane on a road in GTA? Yep, Tim time again.

Tim, you're full of shit. This guy, however... This small plane was successfully landed and piloted along a busy road in Irvine, near Long Beach, California.

The miraculous scenes were captured on one drivers dashboard cam. Happily, nobody was hurt in the emergency landing, although we suspect the US Federal Aviation Administration probably want a word with the chap behind the stick.

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