Photo: Vimeo / Squirrel

When it comes to action sports, few are gnarlier than wingsuit flying. Sometimes called Proximity Flying, it involves people wearing specially made suits, jumping off high things like mountains, and flying down to earth.

It’s different from simply parachuting, skydiving, and even BASE Jumping in so much as the specially made suits let the flyers travel across a vertical axis as well as down the traditional vertical one.

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But now, the boffins at Squirrel, one of the leading manufactures of wing suits, have developed a suit that will actually let the wearer ascend higher into the sky.

The science behind it appears quite closely guarded, but experience wingsuit flyers wearing one of these new Squirrel suits can adjust their body position so they’re essentially standing upright, and then soar high into the air.

In testing, measuring the elevation with a combination of GPS trackers and video analysis, flyers are reaching up to as high as an estimated 250 extra feet (well over 75 metres) in the air. That’s the height of more than 17 double-decker busses stacked on top of each other.

So, with this new found ability to fly skywards, surely wingsuit flyers can keep flying up, thus creating eternal, powerless flight, right? Wrong. When they reach terminal height, pilots need to pull their parachute before descending back down to Earth. For now...

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