Screen Shot: Uli Emanuele.

I think we can all agree that wing-suit flying is pretty dangerous. It's not as dangerous as pulling the pin on a hand grenade and then putting that hand grenade inside your pants, but it's not far off.

Introducing Uli Emanuele. Uli is one of those guys who likes to spice things up, and make things that are already extremely dangerous...even more dangerous.

Why are we talking about Mr Emanuele? What's he done to warrant our attention? Well, if you must know, he's just gone and pulled off one of the most technically difficult BASE jumps ever.

We're not sure how he's managed to do this, but he's just piloted a wing-suit through a gap measuring 2.60 metres.  When you consider that the average arm span for a man is about 1.75 metres, this epic video becomes even more remarkable.

Uli has been dreaming about, and preparing for this, for the last three years. After watching the footage multiple times, we have to say it was definitely worth the wait.

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