Wingsuit flying is, let's face it, pretty mental. For starters, it's mental that humans got to the stage where we can fly wearing just a suit. How cool is that?

Suddenly the hopes and dreams of all those early, feather-wearing pioneers don't seem so ludicrous after all.

The French reads: "The Marquis de Baqueville tried to cross the Seine. The flight started well... but then he fell and broke his leg." Surprising that!

Greatest Wingsuit Flights Ever

But wing-suiting is also mental because however safe it is these days the idea of throwing yourself off something at high altitude is still bloody scary. Unless you're these guys.

For these guys, the idea of wing-suiting alone isn't scary enough - they're taking on ever more technical challenges, risking life and limb to push the sport forwards. Which is frankly, f*cking awesome.

Just don't expect us to trade in our Sunday League shirt for one of these suits anytime soon...

1) Skimming Avalanche Barriers in the Alps

This incredible line is one of the most visually arresting examples of "proximity flying" (that's "flying bloody close to the ground" to you and me) we've ever seen.

He could get a weekend job trimming hedgerows with skills like that.

2) Blasting Through The Tianmen Tunnel

Having become famous for the viral "Grinding the Crack" video, Jeb Corliss headed to China for his encore.

Having found a natural cave formed by two mountains, he proceeded to do what any sane person would: hurtle through it head first at a million miles per hour wearing nothing but a squirrel suit and a flimsy-looking crash helmet.

All of which begs the question, how does he fly with balls that big?

3) Buzzing the Big Apple

So this one doesn't look like the most technically demanding jump ever, but it makes our list because of the location alone.

Watching them fly over New York's famous skyline is like seeing every super-hero movie ever brought to life. Bet I know what was going through their heads as they went...

4) Forget

5) Riding Underneath the Aguille du Midi Bridge

6) The Spanish Cave

7) Wingsuit Jumping from Mount Everest

8) Ridiculous Proximity Flying

9) Landing in Water

10) Gary Connery

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