Photo: Chauffour Pierre Productions

Tancrède Melet was known as one of the foremost BASE jumpers and highliners in Europe. He died tragically on 5th January while preparing for a hot air balloon stunt.

Melet was getting ready to highline between two hot air balloons in Drôme, France on Tuesday.

While he was holding the hot air balloon on the ground, he became entangled in the line. The balloon took off suddenly taking Melet with it. He fell 65ft (20m) to the ground.

He was a pioneer of highlining and a lover of life

Melet left behind a daughter and his partner Tiphaine Breillot.

He was known worldwide for his BASE jumping and acrobatic talents as well as being a pioneer in skylining (highlining at altitude).

Melet was part of an acrobatic company called The Flying Frenchies who built an incredible catapult to help them fly off cliffs.

"Tancrède Melet was an amazing lover of life, who left us too soon. He leaves behind wonderful memories, a taste of freedom and many dreams," wrote The Flying Frenchies on their Facebook Page.

We are sorry to hear this sad news. Our thought are with Tancrède's family and friends.