Screen Shot: JoinTheTeem (via YouTube).

Flippity-flip-flip-flipperson! This is one of the sketchiest skydiving incidents we've seen in a very long time. Just watching the footage, in fact, has been enough to bring us out in a cold sweat. Crumbs on the biscuit tray...we need to lie down. If you haven't got time to watch the video (all 1 minute, 58 seconds of it), we'll talk you through it now.

Everything seems to be going well when one of the skydivers (we'll call him 'Skydiver One') surges forward too quickly, and catches his slightly elevated buddy 'Skydiver Two' by surprise. Skydiver Two gets caught in Skydiver's One canopy and...well...the whole thing from that point on is a genuine heart-in-the-mouth viewing experience.

Massive respect to both Skydiver One and Skydiver Two for staying fridge-freezer cool under serious pressure. The temptation to start crying, or curl up like a hedgehog, must have been almost overwhelming.

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