Imagine the scene: You've gone to the South of France on holiday. And being the culture vulture you are, you head to an old, ruined castle to soak up a bit of the history and heritage of the region. And all of a sudden, you find yourself on the ramparts, being bombarded by a bunch of flying men.

It sounds like the stuff of a Game Of Thrones-fuelled dream, but it actually happened at the Peyrepertuse Castle near Perpignan, France. Three world class paragliders were joined by the elite wing suiters The Soul Flyers to soar above the castle that's fortified the site since 1st century BC.


The two groups hooning through the air, passing my each other with only a few metres to spare wasn't just to scare the shit out of a bunch of unsuspecting tourists.  It was part of a larger campaign to get the ancient castle recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site, just like Stone Henge, Machu Picchu, The Great Wall of China, and WaterWorld in Stoke-on-Trent.

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