We've already told you the 23 best things to shout when you jump from a plane, but what if that still doesn't bend the needle on the insanity meter for you?

You know, you've jumped, screamed "Yippie Ki Ayyyyeeeeee....." as you take to the air, but what comes next? For most people, it's the perfectly sensible monitoring of an altimeter, deploying the canopy, and focusing on the landing.

But for some people, like wing suit flyer Josh Sheppard,  that's just not enough. They have to express their adrenaline fuelled ecstasy in the form of song. Specifically, 1980's power ballads.

It's unconfirmed whether Josh will repeating this singing sky dive again, but if he does, here are a few requests:

Learn To Fly - Foo Fighters

Flying Without Wings - West Life

Fallin' - Alicia Keys

Ghost Riders In The Sky - Johnny Cash 

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