Flight. Us humans are almost as obsessed with it as we are by whatever inane shit some Kardashian or other is doing today. Ever since former singer and professional 50p impersonator Sophie Ellis Bextor invented birds back in 1704, us humans have looked on at the feathery shits with envy and awe.

One man, however, stopped looking and started thinking. Our old friend Yves Rossy took our dream of flight and made it a reality, with his amazing jet pack. No more would humanity confined to the ground (or, at best, the cabin of a low budget flight to Malaga).

"If you have a dream, even if it's crazy, try it..."

Not happy with being the dude credited by many as the inventor of the worlds first legit jet pack, Yves has recognised that, in true Hollywood tradition, the master always needs an apprentice. Yoda had Luke Skywalker. Chunk had Sloth. Satan had Piers Morgan...

As such, Yves has taken Vince Reffet under his... err... is there anything less pun-heave than 'wing'?  and together, the pair have made this stunning edit, flying over Dubai.

The duo even had a deep-and-meaningful over a campfire, just to cement the master and apprentice vibe.


The 11 minute film is shot in 4k, so if you've just stollen a computer from NASA, and have several billion internets going spare, you can watch in the kind of quality that will actually give you a sun tan.

While we don't normally concern ourselves too much with fuelled flight here at Mpora, preferring a bit of gravity to get things moving, we can't help but be completely stoked by this. It's science-fiction becoming reality, not to mention the fact it's opening up the opportunity for those crazy enough to give it a shot to do some seriously gnarly stuff in the air.

The future is here, and it's a mild mannered Swiss man called Yves.

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