Snowboard Injury Gash Arm

Snowboarding is a brutal sport.

Most of time you are riding around, happy as a donkey on a sunny day. Then next thing you know, you're in Grenoble hospital with 17 stitches up your leg.

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We've put together a compilation of the worst snowboard injuries we've seen, thanks to the help of our mates at Whitelines Snowboarding.

If you can make it through this gallery in one go, we applaud you. Seriously. We couldn't...

Snowboard Injury Ankle

This poor fella landed on the flat and broke his heel. One plate and nine screws later - and it is on the mend. F*ck....

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Snowboard Injury Wrist Surgery

Broken arm turned into surgery and nasty ol' scar....

Snowboard Injury Wrist Surgery

This guy hucked a rodeo and landed on a rock - with bad consequences, breaking his tibia and fibula. Ouch.

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Photo: Tom Amaral

When you roll your ankle bad, but don't actually break it....

Snowboard Injury Gash Arm

This one is a true horror taken away this dude took a big fall while riding and ended up having arm surgery. Except his body reacted badly to the plates and screws and it had to be opened to reduce swelling....

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Snowboard Injury Bruised Bum

When you slam on a rock, butt first and break your tailbone and L1....

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Snowboard Injury Gash

It's a torn artery, in case you were wondering. Erica Frost took on a kicker and landed arm-first, resulting in a dislocated elbow and torn artery from the force of the fall.

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Snowboard Injury Gash Rail

Yep, that's a chunk taken out of Fredrik Perry's back when attempting this rail *bites fist* Watch the footage here.

Snowboard Injury Gash Leg Calf

When you sharpen your skis, you don't ever think that this might happen to someone....

Snowboard Injury Gash Leg

Another serious ski slice.... Those planks are dangerous!

Snowboard Injury Ankle 2

Charlie's Achilles Tendon went 'pop' while shredding in Les Deux Alpes. Then he did it again slipping on a rug two months later! Three operations later and it's time to learn to walk again...

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Snowboard Injury Gash Leg 2

Now that's gonna leave one hell of a scar...

Snowboard Injury Face Stitches

When you hit a fence and tumble onto rocks face first... Jonny was wearing a helmet, goggles the lot and still ended up with this bruiser.

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