Marcus Kleveland - Action

Marcus Kleveland - Action

So last year may already be quickly growing smaller in the rear view mirror of time as the world moves effortlessly into another year but here at MPORA we don't think it's too late to get on the 2013 highlights bandwagon. Sit back and let us transport you back to the year of twerking, a commoner giving birth to a future head of state and most importantly some insane snowboarding.

He sounds more like a pirate than a snowboarder, but Red Gerard is already tearing things up at an unhealthy 12 years old. Makes you feel old - this kid was conceived in 2000. Two.. Thousand. He dropped this full part back in May of 2013 which backed up the growing hype around the child as he tore it up in the park and the backcountry. Incredible.

[part title="Golden Oldie"]

Devun Walsh was strapping in before Red Gerard's parents had even met (potentially) and as a member of the original Forum 8 his position as one of the sports founding fathers is assured. He may enjoy a bit more golf than he did in his younger years but he still brings it every time he heads to mountains.

He showed up at Air & Style's 20th anniversary to drop some heavy front 3's as part of Burn's legends session and then he dropped this awesome part with DC on the 30th December to sneak onto this list - his prime intention no doubt. There's none of that triple cork nonsense the kids are fond of, just stylish 180s and awesome pow riding.

2013 was the year of the triple cork with more and more riders mastering them and dominating the competition scene. What we didn't expect was some 13 year old kid to knock one out as well. Well that's what Marcus Kleveland did in March. If this is making you feel slightly inadequate then good - it should do.

Jeremy Jones is almost as old as Devun Walsh and certainly knows his way around a mountain. That didn't stop him getting himself into some considerable trouble while filming with Teton Gravity Research. Jeremy Jones was putting down some heavy lines for his part in Anomaly until the slab beneath his board started disappearing beneath him at terrifying speed. Luckily Jones kept his cool and by some miracle managed to ride it out and escape unharmed.

[part title="Best in Competition"]

As previously mentioned last year was ruled by the triple cork. Torstein Horgmo raised the bar again when he arrived in Aspen for the Winter X-Games. As the first guy to stomp one full stop and the first to drop one in competition he got the hat-trick when he took gold with an awesome backside 1440 triple cork in the Big Air contest.

Scotty Vine is renowned for his creativity and inventiveness on the board. His edit for Union Bindings - The Dividend - was one of the most watched parts of the year and the standard out moment for us was his one footed double backflip, you'll watch it again and again.

Another snowboarder always looking to push the envelope is Halldor Helgason. He starred in Nike's Never Not film, one of the biggest of all time and stole the show. He had the closing part and pulled out all the stops. His backflip roof gap almost defies belief and is all the more stunning given he did it with a neck brace having injured himself earlier in shooting.

[part title="Favourite Rail"]

Not everyone is as pro-snowboarding as we are here at MPORA. Louif Paradis found this while getting footage with Deja Vu. Security weren't so keen on their presence so the Canadian had to nip in, nail the double rail with some aplomb and then scarper before the guards caught up with him. Bravo.

The Naturally film arrived with much fanfare and you didn't have to watch very much to see why. It was the product of two years incredible riding from Jake Blauvelt who is now up there as one of the best around. His style and turns are some of the smoothest around and this was abundantly clear during his backcountry riding in Naturally.

[part title="Best Urban Riding"]

Halldor may have got the plaudits for the end of Never Not but Nike's blockbuster opened strong thanks to Jed Anderson. He hits every feature effortlessly and this part finally gave him the recognition he deserved after plugging away in Canada for so long.

Eric Willett and Sage Kotsenburg solved the age-old quandary of what to do when you're out filming with a friend but both want to hit a kicker. Simply the throw the camera between the two of you mid-air, easy as that. Can't imagine how many attempts it took the US pair to get right but it looks awesome.

If you didn't watch to the end, yes, Ralph Backstrom does eventually stop. This mega tumble is courtesy of his time with Teton Gravity Research and must have left him dizzy, if no doubt thankful.

Torstein Horgmo features again with this amazing half hour that blew us away when we watched it in February. Horgasm: A Love Story is thirty minutes is part mockumentary, part banging footage and the young Norwegian carries the movie with ease. This movie is just another under hit under Horgmo's belt as he cements his status at the top of the game - enjoy.