1) Snowboarding isn't just a sport to them, it's a lifelong obsession...

Photo: Nina Zietman

2) They will work their asses off all summer, so they can ride powder all winter....

Photo: Nick Pumphrey

3) They will spend at least 50 per cent of their monthly pay cheque on snowboarding gear

Photo: Snowboard Pro Camp

4) And getting a wax will mean something entirely different to them...

Photo: Whitelines

5) A snowboarder's idea of a good date involves hiking up and riding down a super steep couloir (followed by beers in the sunshine)

Photo: powderhighwaytour.com

6) Whenever they aren’t out snowboarding, they will be watching snowboarding videos online...

Photo: Horgasm

7) Or playing FIFA....

Photo: iStock

8) Or editing their latest GoPro footage

Photo: GoPro

9) You won't know what their actual hair looks like because they are always wearing a beanie

Snowboarder Girl Woman Beanie

10) And this is their idea of a romantic birthday present

BCA Avalanche Rescue Package Safety Transceiver Snowboarding Shovel Probe

11) They will have some pretty epic scars from various snowboard-related injuries...

Photo: frontiersports.co.uk

12) And you'll probably have to pick them up from hospital at some point

Photo: firsttracksonline.com

13) They won't want to go on any holidays that don't involve snow

Photo: iStock

14) And they struggle to pack light...

Photo: snowboardforum.com

15) Powder day? You won’t see them ’til after dark

snowboard powder pow slash

16) They can drink you and all your mates under the table

Photo: uoc-snow.wix.com

17) And they are on first-name terms with every barman in town

Photo: Tumblr

18) Every surface in their flat will be covered in snowboards, snowboard pants, snowboard socks, snowboard posters....

Messy Bedroom

19) There will always be beard hairs in the sink

Photo via. Tumblr

20) Or sodden kit hanging up everywhere

Photo: iStock

21) But dating a snowboarder has definite perks, like getting to live in places like this for half of the year...

Photo via. coffeeinthemountains.tumblr.com

22) And winters will always be epic if you stick by their side

Photo: Mark McMorris

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