1) You look at grassy hills in summer and pick out lines, couloirs and cliff drops

Photo: Shutterstock

2) Ordinary people see clouds. You see perfect Japanese pillow lines

3) You spend your whole time imagining how sick the handrails would you see would be... if only there was some snow

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 4) You wear your beanie all year round... whatever the weather

Photo: Burton Snowboards

5) You actually rejoice when it snows, instead of whinging about 'transport chaos'...

6) ...and you actually get excited by Daily Express stories about the 'Worst Winter Ever' (which is the only time it's acceptable to share Daily Express stories)

Photo: Screenshot

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 16.01.41

7) You have a mental list of tunes that would be perfect for your video part... and an idea of which bits would go where

8) The two photos you never delete from your phone aren't your other half or your dog... they're your proudest moments

Photo: Dan Medhurst

9) You refer to certain people by their first names, even though you’ve never met them. Despite the fact your non-snowboard mates have no idea who Travis, Shaun or Halldor are...

Photo: Freestyle.ch

 10) Not only do you know their names, you actually know how to pronounce them. Even the awkward Scandinavian ones. Try getting a non-snowboarding friend to say Terje Håkonsen properly...

11) You can explain the difference between tartiflette, raclette and fondue...

12) ...and you know your genepi from your schnapps

Photo: Marcin Floryan / Wikipedia


13) You wear jackets like this round the city...

14) ...and shirts like this on the mountain


15) When someone says "cork" your ears prick up...

16) ...But you wince at the word "knuckle"

Photo: Wikipedia

17) When you see a handrail, you can't resist imaginary finger boarding...

Photo: Screenshot

18) ...Usually accompanied by 'rail noises'

19) Everything is a surface for stickers

Photo: Tristan Kennedy

20) Alaska means more to you than bears, guns and Sarah Palin...



21) ...And you sigh wistfully every time you see a helicopter

Photo: Wikipedia

22) You can always pick out the snowboarder in the crowd...

Photo: Where's Wally


23) ...and when you do, you give them a nod. Cos you know, they get it.



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