1) The park is always there for you. Powder is a cruel and temperamental mistress

Photo: Park City

2) Nine times out of ten the park will be in good shape. Powder gets tracked quickly

Photo: iStock

3) In parks you quickly get to learn the run-in speeds, so you can boss it every time

Photo: Screenshot

4) If you cock a trick up, you get a second shot at it

Photo: Screenshot

5) And you can take your time to get tricks properly dialled, tweaks and all. This makes you instantly attractive to the opposite sex

Photo: Nick Atkins

6) You don’t have to rush to get your laps in at the park

Rushing to get your snowboard boots on in the morning. | Gif: Whitelines

7) In fact it often gets better as the day goes on

Photo: Matt Georges

8) So you can enjoy a lie in

Photo: iStock

9) Or a few beers the night before

Photo: iStock

10) And if the park stays icy? Well, then you just get really good

Photo: Sami Touriniemi

11) Like Finnish good

Photo: Nine Knights

12) Finland has very little proper off-piste, but boasts more pro snowboarders per head of population than any other country. Why? They all ride park

Enni Rukajarvi Photo: WST

13) There’s just so much variety in the park

Photo: Nike

14) Rails

Photo: Nitro Snowboards

15) Stairsets

Photo: Stylewars

16) Wallrides

Snowboarder: Nick Visconti | Photo: Hot Dawgz & Handrails

17) You don’t get any of those in the backcountry

Photo: iStock

18) No halfpipes in powder either

Snowboarder: Taylor Gold | Photo: Nick Atkins

19) And everyone knows that being able to ride a pipe well basically makes you the ultimate badass

Snowboarder: Danny Davis | Photo: ESPN

20) Then of course there are the kickers

Snowboarder: Tobias Karlsson | Photo: Tristan Kennedy

21) Perfectly shaped kickers of all different sizes and shapes

Whistler's epic snowpark setup. | Photo: Whistler Blackcomb

22) Kickers which experts build for you

Shapers putting in all the graft, so you don't have to | Photo: Damian McArthur

23) That don’t require a hike to get to

Photo: Shutterstock

24) With landings that don't get bombed out

Snowboarder: Eddie Wall | Photo: Screenshot

25) Sure, if it's hard falling in the park can hurt more, but that just makes you harder

Photo: Screenshot

26) And anyway, you can go higher off park features than you ever can in the backcountry

Snowboarder: Christian 'Hitch' Haller breaking the world record for the highest air ever on a hip. | Photo: Sam Oetiker

27) Plus the camaraderie in the park is better. You can always meet new people

Photo: Mint Snowboarding

28) Make new friends

Photo: Silje Norendal / Instagram

29) Get stoked on other people’s riding

Photo: High Cascade Snowboard Camps

30) And enjoy the feeling of pushing yourself

Photo: Screenshot

31) Which let’s face it is what snowboarding is all about...

Photo: Screenshot

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