1) If anyone tells you they're looking forward to snowboarding this winter, don't listen to them

Photo: iStock

2) It's all an elaborate lie

Photo: Matt Georges

3) There's nothing fun about snowboarding

Photo: Tristan Kennedy

4) You have to go outside in the winter

Photo: iStock

5) When the weather is terrible

Photo: iStock

6) And the skies are always depressingly dark

Photo: Tristan Kennedy

7) It's always freezing cold...

Photo: Mammoth Mountain

8) ...and there are no ways to warm up

Photo: iStock

9) The resorts you do it in are always so ugly

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10) I mean honestly, who wants to wake up to views like this?

Photo: Tristan Kennedy

11) After you're done riding for the day there's literally nothing to do...

Photo: Instagram.com/gressonyfb

beer drinking mountains

12) No fun activities

Photo: iStock

13) No parties to go to

Photo: La Folie Douce

Folie Douce apres ski party alps

14) No way to relax

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15) And you need to relax, because let's face it, snowboarding is stressful

Photo: Mammoth Mountain


16) The other people who do it are wankers


17) There's no sense of camaraderie

Photo: Screenshot BYND MDLS

18) And you never make new friends

Photo: Pallas Snowboards

19) In fact, it's pretty much the least sociable sport in the world

Photo: Screenshot / Isenseven

Snowboarding with friends mpora

20) The gear you have to ride in looks rubbish

Anna Gasser Photo: Tom Copsey

21) There's no sense of style at all

Photo: Matt Georges / Whitelines

snowboarding style

22) Plus snowboarding's always just so same-y

Ben Ferguson at the US Open. Photo: Aaron Blatt / Red Bull Content Pool

23) There's no variety when it comes to terrain

Photo: Instagram.com/xavierdelerue


24) You can't do it without mountains for example.

Benny Urban Photo: Tim Schiphorst / Red Bull

25) You never get to travel to go snowboarding

Photo: Alf Alderson

26) Or experience different cultures

Photo: iStock

27) Or meet different people

Russian Iouri Podlatchikov with Japanese riders Ayumu Hirano and Taku Hiraoka Photo: WSJ

olympic podium japan

28) It's so restrictive when it comes to how you can ride too

Photo: Screenshot

29) There's no chance to express yourself

Nico Muller Photo: Gnu Snowboards

30) Or inject your own sense of style

Eero Ettala Photo: Pasi Salminen / Red Bull

31) And there's no variety when it comes to tricks

Billy Morgan lands the world's first quadruple cork Photo: Red Bull

32) Nope, there’s no thrill to snowboarding really

Travis Rice Photo: Tim Zimmerman / Red Bull

33) No sense of danger

Travis Rice Photo: Scott Serfas / Red Bull

34) Even watching snowboarding is boring

Arthur Longo Photo: ed Blomfield

35) So if anyone tells you they can’t wait to go snowboarding this winter, call them out on it.

Photo: Marjus Fischer / Red Bull

marcus kleveland powder japan markus fischer

36) They’re lying. Snowboarding is rubbish. And they know it.

Travis Rice Photo: Scott Serfas / Red Bull

37) I mean why would anyone enjoy this?

Marcus Kleveland Photo: Markus Fischer

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