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Shaun White X Games Win

Ever wondered who holds the record for the longest rail ever ridden, or what the biggest Ollie ever landed is? Or maybe you were musing over whether or not anyone has ever managed to score a perfect 100 at Superpipe at the X-Games? Well you need to ponder no more. All of the answers are right here in MPORA's very own Biggest Fastest Longest series. Enjoy!

[part title='Biggest Ever Stairset Ollie in Snowboarding']

Mikey LeBlanc was already an established snowboarder when he decided to start throwing himself down stairs. He laid down this huge leap when he was 37 years old! Pretty impressive.

[part title='Longest Ever Railslide in Snowboarding']

78 metres is a huge distance by anyone's standard. But now imagine a rail that long. Hard to even contemplate. But not for Calum Paton who nailed a 78 metre rail in December 2011, earning himself a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

[part title='Highest Ever Verticle Air in Snowboarding']

Terje Haakonsen reaches mind blowing heights as he sets the record for highest air at the Arctic Challenge in 2007.

[part title='Highest Ever X-Games Superpipe Score in Snowboarding']

If anyone was going to nail this record it was always going to Shaun White. And to add to the occasion, he did so in a victory lap as he brought home his fifth consecutive medal.

[part title='Biggest Gap in Snowboarding']

Chad's Gap is an intimidating prospect. In the middle of the Utah backcountry, the 120ft gap was made famous by Travis Rice and Romain de Marchi when they both nailed it in the legendary Pop film from Absinthe.