When it comes to snowboarding, there’s only one Nico: Swiss wizard Nicolas Müller. He makes snowboarding look so effortless, so stylish, and so damn good that he’s joined the ranks along side Terje, Shaun, Ståle, Halldor*, and the fella from Board Stupid as being known by only one name.

*(Haakonsen, White, Sandbech, and Helgason, if you're new to all this first-name bobbins)

But wait! There’s a new Nico on the block, and this ripper is only six years old.

106-Year-Old Skier Lou Batori Filmed Skiing At Crystal Mountain Resort In Michigan

Err, and that’s about it. All we really know about this über-grom is that he’s six, he’s Italian, and he’s already got more style than most of us will ever achieve in a lifetime of sliding sideways down a hill.

If he keeps on progressing, the sky could very well be the limit for this tiny Italian shredder.

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