Snowboarder Basti Rittig has just set the record for the longest rail slide in history.

The German ripper 50-50ed down a whopping 84 metre long rail, set up for the trick on the glacier in Dachstein, Austria. It obliterates the previous record by a full five metres.

Riding with a crew of other Nitro Riders, including the man with the second best name in snowboarding; Benny Urban, it's actually the second time the team have tried to break the record, with a failed attempt in May this year.

Photo: Markus Rohrbacher - Nitro USA

As ever, snowboarding being what it is, some grubby trolls have already started to question how legit the rail is. Well, it's a single round barrel, a full meter off the ground, AND EIGHTY FUCKING FOUR METRES LONG. That's nine times the length of a double decker bus! If that's not legit, we don't know what is.

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