To the uninitiated, snowboarding is very much a winter sport. After all, snow is kind of an integral part of snowboarding, right? Wrong. Well, no. Right, but also a bit wrong. It’s not confined just to the months where your other half finds a sudden fondness for the central heating.

Summer snowboarding is a thing, and not just one limited to the Southern hemisphere, and the numerous dry slopes and snowdomes of the UK. Dotted around Europe are a bunch of places where, every summer, you can go shredding (and skiing, of course. Hi skiers) when the sun’s out.

The good people over at OnBoard know this all to well, and every now and again, they like to highlight a Hot Spot - a bit of the world where they think you should be dialled on to for snowboard based joy. They’re good like that.


Recently, they’ve been to the Fonna, in the Folgefonna national park, and it was good. So good, in fact, they made a short film for their Hot Spots series, for your viewing pleasure.

Why head there? Well in June they have three park zones, two of which are pretty chilled out, and one with bigger kickers that run down one of the steeper slopes, should you want to send it in the summer sun.

"Sit back, relax, and let those summer shredding vibes wash over you"

So, without further ado, sit back, relax, and let those summer shredding vibes wash over you. And then, why not reach for the passport. It’s the weekend after all.

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