Would Alpe d'Huez famous Sarenne run fit into Hampstead Heath? Photo: Screenshot

Have you ever found yourself wondering how big your favourite French ski resorts actually are?

It's all very well knowing that the Vanoise Express linking Les Arcs and La Plagne is 1824 metres long, but what does that actually mean in real terms?

"How does the mighty Vanoise Express cable car compare to the distance between your house and Tesco?"

What we mean is, how does that compare to the distance between your house and Tesco? Well now this ingenious app has been released that lets you make direct comparisons.

How would Tignes look in central London? Like this... Photo: Screenshot

All you have to do is select your favourite French ski area from the list below (all the biggest ones are listed), type in your postcode and hey presto, it shows you what it would look like super-imposed on your town.

Want to know whether if Tignes P4 lift (beloved by local snowboarders) is actually shorter than the stagger home from your local? This will tell you.

Want to find out if Alpe d'Huez's famous Sarenne run would fit into Hampstead Heath? Just type in the postcode.

Here at Mpora towers we've spent the best part of a morning happily pissing around with this, and have discovered useful things like this:

In fact, we're so taken by the whole thing that we're considering founding a Kickstarter campaign to replace Dagenham with 650 kilometres of lift-linked pistes.

Who's with us?

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