This numbing video shows what can go wrong when you venture into the back country.

This dude was out getting some fresh up at the top of the hill.He straps in and starts cruising, but a few seconds into his ride, every snowboarder's worse nightmare becomes a reality.

A little slash left and all of a sudden, a massive crack appears in the snow.

Within seconds, a massive slab has come loose and the rider finds himself caught in an avalanche. He's swept down the mountain, being carried by the masses of debris that's falling all around him.

Judging by the footage, he's lucky to have remained largely on top of the slide, a key factor in him surviving the terrifying ordeal.

Photo: / Sorin Radu

If you're heading into the back country, or anywhere where there's a danger of an avalanche, it's always, always essential to arm yourself with as much knowledge and practical experience as possible.

The basics of avalanche safety are here but, however experienced you are, nothing beats practical, hands on experience. There are stacks of avalanche safety courses available, including the excellent Henry's Avalanche Talks.

They may cost a little bit of money, and be a day out of your busy schedule, but it'll pay for itself should you ever be unlucky enough to get caught out when you're riding.

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