An American court judge has ruled against a group of snowboarders attempting to sue a Utah ski resort that only allows planks.

The boarders claimed that they weren’t being allowed at Alta Ski Resort because of the stereotypes surrounding their sport, claiming they were being viewed as “undesirable people with obnoxious habits and characteristics."

The boarders claimed they were being viewed as "undesirable people with obnoxious habits."

We think the habits they’re referring to might be weed, alcohol and supernatural steeze. But we can’t be sure.

Anyway, U.S. District Judge Dee Benson was having none of it. He ruled that not only were there valid reasons for Alta to keep their ban on snowboarding, the suing boarders had got the entire justice system wrong as well.

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“There are many forums they can resort to in an attempt to accomplish their goal of snowboarding at Alta," he said. “Seeking an injunction from this court is not one of them."

It sounds like Judge Benson is definitely a skier.

In all seriousness though, he may have had a point. The boarders sued in January of this year, claiming they deserved protection under the 14th amendment of the American constitution.

That particular amendment is normally more associated with issues of race, gender or sexuality, not the type of equipment you use when you’re hunting fresh pow.

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Drew Hickens, one of the snowboarders involved in the case, made an argument post-verdict that was even more convincing though.

He said: "It looks a little goofy if you’re a ski resort allowing mono skiers, telemarkers, teleboarders — which are on one ski as well — snow blades, that don’t use ski poles, and every other device under the sun except snowboards."

"It looks a little goofy if you're a ski resort allowing every other device under the sun except snowboards"

No arguments from us there Drew. Mono skiers and snow blades sure are lame, and snowboards are most certainly not.

It may have been a win for ‘the man’ on this occasion then, but we’re fully behind Hickens quest to bring boards to Alta.

Until then, there are still almost 500 other resorts in the States that welcome snowboarders with open arms. And we love them dearly.

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